A sneak peek at first book from printers

Author Eric Enno Tamm with the first copy of his book fresh from the printers.

After what seemed like an eternity, the very first copy of my book, published by Douglas & McIntyre and fresh from the printers, finally arrived this morning by courier. It has been a monumental project, which began a decade ago over a pint of lager at Lund University in Sweden. The official publishing date is September 1, 2010, but I’ve uploaded some photos below to give you a sneak peek before it hits stores later in August.

My good friend Anssi Kullberg, a Swedish-Finn like Gustaf Mannerheim, planted the idea in my head to retrace his epic journey a century ago. It took a year or two of planning and research before I set out in Mannerheim’s footsteps across the Silk Road. I spent nine months abroad, and arrived back in Canada in 2007, at which point I began working on the manuscript.

I have many people to thank, but for now I’d like to thank the team at Douglas & McIntyre that helped to make the physical book possible including Publisher Scott McIntyre, Associate Publisher Chris Labonte, Editor John Burns, Art Director Peter Cocking, Designer Jessica Sullivan and Cartographer Eric Leinberger. Thanks for your dedication, hard work and publishing savvy: the book looks fantastic!

Douglas & McIntyre Hard Cover Edition (2010)

Front cover, first edition hard cover, Douglas & McIntyre (2010)

Douglas & McIntyre Hard Cover Edition (2010)

Back cover with blurb from National Geographic Explorer Wade Davis.

Douglas & McIntyre Hard Cover Edition (2010)

Inside flap with red patterned endpapers.

Douglas & McIntyre hard cover first edition (2010)

Inside back flap with author photo and short bio.

Douglas & McIntyre Hard Cover Edition (2010)

Title page with photograph of Gustaf Mannerheim and mandarins in Aksu, Xinjiang

Douglas & McIntyre Hard Cover Edition (2010)

Map and typographic treatment inside the book.

Douglas & McIntyre Hard Cover Edition (2010)

Naked book with jacket removed.

Nice touch! Thanks Douglas & McIntyre!

  • Rupert Macnee

    Eric: Thank you for your extraodinary efforts to realize this dream. You are on the brink, these are indeed “interesting times”

  • Scott Thorburn

    Well done, Eric! The book looks great and will look even better on my shelf!

  • Eric Enno Tamm

    Thanks Rupert and Scott. I hope to get the first box of 50 books in a day or two, although it won’t be on sale until late August. I’m going to be selling them at my slide show presentation at Finn Grand Fest on July 29th at Sault St. Marie. http://horsethatleaps.com/finngrandfest.

  • Alison Goliath

    Eric – well done. I cannot wait to dive into your masterpiece. Congratulations! With much love, Alison

  • http://www.whoisbrettschneider.com Brett Schneider

    I love it.
    It’s gorgeous.
    Ordering mine…now.

  • Daniel Arbour

    Congrats Eric – I look forward to reading it.

  • Mathieu Dupont

    Je suis très heureux de voir que ton deuxième livre soit aussi bien présenté que ton premier. Meilleurs voeux et félicitations.

  • Eric Enno Tamm

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. Much appreciated.

    Jessica Sullivan, Senior Designer at Douglas & McIntyre, did the book design. She said that the endpapers and case image were inspired from an old playing card that she found in her grandmother’s house. So few publishers pay any attention to the detailing under the jack cover, and so I very much appreciate the extra effort and thought Jessica put into this design.

    I believe that the e-book could help improve the quality and production of physical books. While I think the future is digital, I also think that people will want to buy physical copies of their favourite books or books that have special meaning for them. We will print far fewer books, but hopefully they will be of a higher quality, “social objects” which people will want to display in their libraries and homes. That might even mean limited edition, numbered and signed books. All in all, the future looks bright for book lovers.