Kashgar: Then and Now Map

I superimposed a sketch map from a 1908 British military report on Kashgar over a Google Earth satellite photo of the city today. As you can see, very little of the old town’s wall remains. The most intact section surrounds the old Manchu fortress to the far left, which today houses Chinese security forces. The old British and Russian consulates were located north of the walled quarter, while the Swedish missionaries were to the southwest. The two maps don’t quite sync, evidence of the limitations and inaccuracies of surveying a century ago.

1908 British Military Map of Kashgaria

I found this map in the Political and Secret Department files in the Indian Office Records in the British Library in London. It was in a confidential Military Report on Kashgaria prepared by the British Intelligence Branch in Simla, India. The map is credited to Captain A.R.B. Shuttleworth.

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