Book reviewers, journalists and bloggers will find a tremendous amount of material on this website that they are free to share to complement book reviews or stories written about The Horse That Leaps Through Clouds. Below are instructions on how to obtain review copies, high-resolution author photos, maps and other material.

Review Copies

Reviewers are asked to contact the marketing department at Douglas & McIntyre to obtain free review copies:

Emiko Morita, Marketing Director (based in Vancouver)
emi @
(604) 254-7191 ext. 211

Events and Interviews

The author is available for interviews. To set up an interview, please contact Douglas & McIntyre’s publicists either in Vancouver or Toronto depending on your location:

Pat Cairns, Creative Connections (based in Vancouver)
creativeconnect @
(905) 569-0002

Emiko Morita, Marketing Director (based in Vancouver)
emi @
(604) 254-7191 ext. 211

Author Photos

A number of author photos with captions have been uploaded onto Flickr for easy viewing. These are web-sized photos at 600 by 400 pixels. Editors can also view the slideshow below. To download high resolution (300 dpi) photographs for print publication, please contact the author at eric @ to obtain the password to access the download page.

Travel Photos

The author has uploaded more than 2,500 photographs of his journey along the Silk Road on Flickr. Click here to view the author’s photostream. Reviewers, journalists and bloggers are free to use these images to enrich their stories and reviews on The Horse That Leaps Through Clouds. The author has also curated a smaller selection of the best photos which can be viewed in the slideshow below. Please contact the author directly for high resolution (300 dpi) photos for print publication.


Interactive Maps

Online publications and bloggers are welcome to embed the author’s Google maps showing his journey along the Silk Road. Click here to view a list of his Google maps.