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“A wonderfully fat new work of travel and history…” – The Diplomat

"A wonderfully fat new work of travel and history..." - The Diplomat

A sophisticated journalist indeed, Mr. Tamm gathers observations like gemstones as he crosses “a gauntlet of political and geographical extremes, including some of the world’s hottest deserts, highest mountains and cruellest dictatorships” stretching 17,000 kilometres. – Book review by George Fetherling in The Diplomat.



Azerbaijan: Nobels’ Prize Gustaf Mannerheim arrived in Baku on July 15, 1906. The oil town was in chaos: an attempted revolution, striking workers and ethnic clashes between Azeris and Armenians had left the oil capital both blood stained and oil soaked. It was incredibly unsafe, and so Mannerheim barely stayed a day in Baku. He [...]